A Weirdness of Posts

The weirdest thing happened with that last post; I wrote it yesterday as an afterthought and scheduled it for the afternoon. But before the scheduled hour I got a notification that someone had ‘liked’ it. That’s odd, I thought, perhaps I put the wrong time in. That’s easily done, what with wordpress being in a different time zone and galaxy. So I went to check – and it wasn’t there. Not only that, it failed to publish at the scheduled hour, as I realised this morning. OK, I thought, I’ll just publish it now. So I went to make some changes, clicked to publish but it only offered me ‘update’. Clearly wordpress thinks this post is up, I deduced. I checked again. No, not there. Where was my post???? It must be stuck in blogging limbo! So in the end I had to return to draft (‘are you sure you want to unpublish this post?’ wordpress said hectoringly. Yes, because IT HASN’T BEEN PUBLISHED!!!) Anyway, I unpublished and republished – or unrepublished – and here we are. But that was all very mysterious. And it’s not the first time either.

Kirk out

8 thoughts on “A Weirdness of Posts

  1. I don’t think even computer ‘experts’ fully understand what goes on in the background: it’s all a ‘bit’ mysterious [see what I did there?] 😀 Cheers, Jon.

    1. I mean this in all seriousness: because nobody fully understands computers any more, it’s entirely feasible that the internet has achieved self-awareness without anyone knowing that it has, particularly when one considers that we ourselves don’t know what makes us sentient.

  2. The glitches that appear in WordPress are one of the mysteries of modern life. I gave up trying to understand them long ago. Last week, I published a serial episode in the wrong order. Realising that, I deleted it and publised the correct one within four minutes. Yet everyone who accesses my blog through The Reader could see both episodes, with the same part number.
    Small wonder they were confused.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. It does odd things sometimes. I sometimes get e-mails about blogs I’ve subscribed to, but they don’t appear in my reader. Or vice versa. Then, the next time that person posts, it’s all back to normal.

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