And the Answer is… Thyroid Function Test!

I’ve finally had it. I’ve decided that continual fatigue plus weight gain equals possible thyroid problem. Had a chat with a doctor this morning and I’m now on hold and listening as we speak to the interminable information message on the GP’s answerphone about Covid, zero tolerance of abuse, Covid, being busy, Covid, ‘you will be removed from our list’ and bursts of fuzzy muzak before the phone starts ringing again and you think ‘Ah! I’m about to get through!’ but no, it just rings some more and then you get the muzak again. I’ve spent up to half an hour listening to all this mush and being told at intervals ‘You are currently in queue position number… (there’s practically a drum roll) ten!’ Actually I’m now at queue position number two but I’m only too aware that this is like coming off the motorway at the next junction but being stuck in a traffic jam so the next junction could be hours away.

To be fair when I do get through the receptionists are usually delightful; you couldn’t blame them for being a tad crabby as they must be on the phone every second from – and at that point the call was answered. And lo! I have an appointment on… drum roll… the 24th of June! The 24th of June! Sheesh. That’s disappointing; I guess I’ll have to be tired till then – and if it’s not the thyroid then I don’t know what’s going on. I used to put it down to sleeping badly but since I cut back on the caffeine I’ve been sleeping much better so I don’t know.

And now my book has arrived* so I’m putting this post on hold. Your comment will be answered as soon as possible. Your comment is important to us. The majority of my readers are delightful but rude or abusive comments will not be tolerated… you will be blocked…you are currently in queue position number….


Kirk out

*a Short History of Women’s Suffrage by Millicent Fawcett