Silent Witness

I’ve long been a fan of Silent Witness, probably as long as the series itself has been running (about 25 years), and I was trying to explain to OH why I like it. I think one attraction is that the characters are like a family, but it’s also unpredictable and quirky. But the main thing I like about it is that all the loose ends are tied up. There may be pain and violence but everything is resolved by the time the credits roll. It doesn’t matter how awful the story is, at the end of it we know who dunnit, how they dunnit and why they dunnit – and most importantly, all the main characters are still standing.

It’s amusing too, at times; as with Casualty we look out for cliches. Last night’s story featured a black cast including The Greengrocer of Wisdom, dispensing deep insights along with watermelons, and The University Acceptance Letter of Death. This is a variation on the Cough of Death in Casualty.

Sadly we are now running out of episodes. But never fear – the Handmaid’s Tale comes to the rescue. I think the jury’s out on this fourth series; the first half was excellent but second dragged a little.

So that’s us up to date.

Kirk out

5 thoughts on “Silent Witness

  1. I did watch some of the earlier series of Witness, but I must have lost interest, as I haven’t watched it for many years now. I like the regular resolution, though: I find loose ends irritating; unless they’re a cliffhanger for the following episode. I’m quite enjoying Prodigal Son, now on its second [or third? I lose track] series, with Michael Sheen chewing the scenery, but for me, he can do no wrong; it is on Sky though, so not for everybody. Cheers, Jon.

  2. I think I have seen every episode of Silent Witness, including some repeats on minor channels. As I worked for the police, I know that it beggars belief how involved the forensic team gets in the cases, it really does. But the cast acts at a high standard, so I just suspend that belief.

    I quite like it when The Handmaid’s Tale has a slower episode. It gives Elizabeth Moss more chance to show what a good actress she is.

    Did you ever see her in Top Of The Lake? That was a great drama series, set in New Zealand.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I haven’t seen Top of the Lake – and yes, you’re quite right about how the forensic team seem to do all the detective work as well, but it’s fun and interesting so like you I suspend disbelief.

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