Freecycle Freeloaders

I’m a bit peeved at the moment. I do a lot of stuff on freecycle and most of it is fine. I’ve met some lovely people and either got rid of or gained some useful things. Now it so happened that I had a spare electric toothbrush. I wasn’t sure about freecycling it – should I keep it as a spare? – but in the end I did. Unsurprisingly I had lots of replies. The first person I offered it to said they would come the same day but when I sent the address didn’t reply. I emailed again: Are you still interested? No reply. I offered it to the second person who said they would come the next day. Meanwhile the first person gets back to me. ‘It’s a long drive from Nottingham,’ he says (then why reply to a post on Loughborough freecycle?) and could I post it? Not even an offer to pay the postage. I replied that I’d already offered it on.

So yesterday I get a text from the second person: ‘Just checking that this is new?’ Wtf? This is freecycle, you don’t expect to get new things. So I said no it wasn’t and to please let me know if she was no longer interested. No reply and guess what? She was a no-show. So I have now offered it to a third person who is supposedly coming today. If they don’t show I shall give up and take it to the charity shop.

Apologies for yesterday’s post which turned out not to be there. I think there’s a theme emerging…

Kirk out

2 thoughts on “Freecycle Freeloaders

  1. Freecycle just changed their website. A lot of people here are dropping it. It now is near impossible to post, and no longer can you post as “taken” or “received” so that’s frustrating. And the email newsletters have changed as well. They don’t redirect to the post you are reading in the email, and the ‘buttons’ only take you to an email reply to the person offering (which doesn’t work) or to the site where you can possibly reply via Freecycle (not sure if this works, certainly doesn’t work the way it used to) (*If there is a way I haven’t found it.)
    I don’t have “mobile” whatever that is, apparently the new site is ONLY set up to work with an “mobile app.” (That’s my guess. The desktop website, and the emails don’t work properly after the Sept 2021 redesign.)
    I have been signed up with Freecycle for over a decade, starting with the original Tucson AZ USA group! But now, I’ve deleted my account.

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