My Story is Published!

A really good example of how easy it is to forget your successes: I’d completely forgotten about this story which was published in Everyday Fiction

Sarada Gray

My short story, ‘Mem Mat’ is published today.  It’s a fantasy about a Memory Mattress which explores what would happen if memory foam actually did harbour our thoughts and feelings and ‘remember’ them.  It’s published on Everyday Fiction, a site which pays a writer a day for a story of 1000 words or fewer.  *

It’s quite hard to write a story in under 1000 words – it’s about 3 pages of A4, just to give you an idea – and with this particular publisher there is no leeway at all.  Plus, they don’t pull their editorial punches and the comments you get – even when they’ve accepted your story – can be quite hard to read.  Anyway, I’m pleased they have published another one of mine so please read and tell me what you think.  You can find the story here:

*note the meticulous grammar

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