I Was Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off!

You know that scene at the end of The Italian Job? Well of course you do, everyone does. The lorry is balanced on the edge of a cliff and there’s no way of getting the gold off without unbalancing it and sending them all to their deaths. Well that seems like my life at the moment. I had, as you will know if you’ve been paying attention, a nasty rash right in the middle of my face. It was sore and itchy and it made me look as if I’d been mugged. Well, I solved that problem, or so I thought; I got a cream from the doctor and after 3 or 4 weeks it was almost clear. So I stopped using it. In the meantime my ears got blocked and I was having to lip read to understand what anyone was saying. Drops did not cut it, and the GP won’t syringe. So we bought a syringing kit online and used it. Success! Well, sort of: one ear got unblocked and the other improved. But in the meantime the rash has flared up again.

Maybe I should have just blown the bloody doors off…

Kirk out