The car is safely back home now after a change of sensor. I was most impressed by the garage; they not only fixed the problem, they took it for a drive to make sure it was fixed and when I went along to pay, showed me the old sensor and explained how it worked. I’m dead impressed; I think I’ll go there again.

The fair is on in Loughborough this week. It’s a traditional set up which has been coming every November for more than 100 years, and it takes over the entire town centre: as we sad old people take to our beds we can hear its music thumping around our feet; it ought to be annoying but I find it oddly reassuring that while the climate changes and politicians mumble, Loughborough fair goes on.

Kirk out

3 thoughts on “Bon MOT

  1. Good news about the car. It’s also good that the winter festivals seem to have returned, for the most part, after the enforced furlough last year: The Droving festival, on which a film of the same name in which I had a good part a couple of years ago [3 actually, 2 years BC] was based, took place again this year in Penrith; if it hadn’t been too far away, it would have been fun to attend. Cheers, Jon.

  2. I never go to such fairs, but I do love the tradition of them, and hope to see them continue.
    A mechanic who shows you the old sensor is worth hanging onto.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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