Freecycle Foaming

I’m beginning to think that freecycle users should have feedback like ebay sellers do. Not those who offer things so much, although anyone who tries to get money ‘for expenses’ or whatever should get a black mark, but people who ask for things. There should be negative feedback for people who don’t turn up, or engage in protracted email exchanges before going eerily quiet and never getting back to you again. This has happened to me quite often but unless you exchange texts it’s difficult to identify previous offenders. No, but what annoys me the most are people who ignore the basic premises that a) everything is offered for free and b) it needs to be collected. I’ve had people ask me if an item is new, I’ve had others ask me to post items as ‘Loughborough is too far to come’ (then what are you doing on the Loughborough freecycle group?) But today’s took the biscuit: someone asked if I could deliver an item of furniture to Nottingham. Honestly! I responded, curtly I hope, that it’s collection only – but really it shouldn’t need saying. After all, I don’t go on the Nottingham group because it’s too far away. These people are taking the piss, and I think they should get some negative feedback.

Kirk out

3 thoughts on “Freecycle Foaming

  1. I think what you say is entirely reasonable. As much as I always want to be positive, and not assume the worst about ‘other people’, it does seem that there will always be at least one person either not reading the instructions, or pushing the boundaries for obviously selfish reasons. I think a quote from an erstwhile work colleague is apposite here: “Get ’em told!” 😉 Cheers, Jon.

  2. I’m not on Freecycle, but my wife does something similar on Facebook. She offered a good quality John Lewis pine wardrobe that originally cost £450 for the paltry price of £25, and a few people responded. ALL of them expected it to be delivered for that price, and most of them even had the gall to specify a time and date when they expected it to be delivered. One woman went so far as to say she would only buy it if we took her old one away when it was delivered! Needless to say, we still have the wardrobe.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. There are a lot of freeloaders out there. On the other hand, I’ve had some lovely people emailing me afterwards to say how much they appreciated what I’d offered, so it’s a mixed bag

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