And the Answer is…Freegle!

A couple of days ago I was having a rant about freecycle freeloaders, ie people who ask for an item but then expect you to post it or deliver it at your own expense. It got worse: yesterday someone with whom I’d had a lengthy exchange including giving him my phone number, and who had arranged to turn up between 8 and 9 am – not the most convenient hour – yes,you’ve guessed it, failed to turn up.

I went back to Freecycle intending to message them and saw instead a suggestion from another member: Fed up? Try Freegle. And I did. By gum, as John Noakes used to say, it’s so much better. The app takes a bit of getting used to but everything is on there: no need to exchange complicated messages or phone numbers, it’s all there on the site. So I posted the chest of drawers the man had failed to collect, got a reply, had a speedy and straightforward exchange and bingo,it was collected this morning. Job done.

I think I’ll be using freegle from now on.

Oh, and there’s a comments box where you can say how happy you were with the transaction, and why.

Kirk out

5 thoughts on “And the Answer is…Freegle!

  1. I hope that works out better for you, Sarada. I just had a quick skeg to make sure it wasn’t mobile only, but it would appear not. We have a local scheme on Facebook called [location]Pong, where you can post free items or wants locally; the main difference is that delivery or collection is open to negotiation, but there are rules, such as first ‘ping’ [i.e.; want] has precedence. It seems to be working very well 😀 Cheers, Jon.

      1. I think it must be a ‘Yorkshire-ism’; I’m a soft Southerner myself, but I’ve learnt plenty of new colloquialisms since I’ve been living in the ‘grim’ North 😉

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