Aldi King’s People…

It’s not often I go to Aldi as Sainsbury’s is much closer, but OH is on an economy drive so I went down there to stock up on a few things. Brexit notwithstanding, they still had everything I wanted. Trouble was, everyone else goes there with the intention of stocking up, so I had to wait patiently for my pasta while a man with a large trolley bought up the entire aisle, chucking every kind of pasta, pasta sauce and cheese sauce into the voluminous aluminium depths (incidentally, why do Americans say aloominum? Do they spell it differently? I think we should be told. Voluminous aloominum depths, ha ha.) Anyway I stocked up on all my favourites including bread flour, eggs, jam and what pasta the man had not already loaded into his trolley. When I say favourites, I mean in the supermarket-ordering sense, not that these are the things I like best. Though the blackcurrant conserve is pretty cool. And if the cashiers are zoned out, the customers are friendly and always put down the Tildonk.

And so back home. Apologies for the rather pedestrian post, but that’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me today.

Kirk out