I’m Scared

There’s much to be scared of in these dark days: climate change, covid, rising prices and the effects of Brexit. But the thing that terrifies me today is the possibility that after all the parties and the revelations, after all the lies and corruption, after virtually spitting on the Queen by forcing her illegally to prorogue parliament and then by holding parties on the eve of her husband’s funeral, an event at which, lest we forget, she followed the rules and sat alone: that after all these events we still might not be rid of Boris Johnson.

So far in order to shore up his position he has thrown civil servants under the bus, got MI5 to find a Chinese informant, announced the lifting of coronavirus restrictions and hid behind an inquiry into his own behaviour which is unlikely, we now hear, to be published in full. His lapdog newspapers, after a ritual excoriation, have now got behind him and published a frankly desperate photo of Keir Starmer drinking a bottle of beer in his office and are now waiting for the results of Sue Grays enquiry which they desperately hope will enable him to cling on.

If Johnson survives all this then I don’t know where we’re heading as a country. Johnson’s supporters are unlikely to storm parliament but in every other way he’s becoming more Trump-like by the day. And if the police and crime bill passes you can say goodbye to our right to protest about it – or anything else for that matter. Every day I get up and think, how the hell did we get here?

Kirk out

4 thoughts on “I’m Scared

  1. Don’t be scared: there is a potential solution: without wishing to be overly simplistic, Thatcher and her acolyte Blair, and the self-serving greed they incorporated, is how we got to here. In parliamentary terms, the Tories have an unassailable majority, so a vote of no confidence might supplant BJ [for whom?], but short of a revolution, which I definitely am not advocating, the only way we’re going to get rid of the money-men [for what, though?] is for enough people in this country to realise two things which are not synonymous for a Tory voter: that there’s more to life than the acquisition of excess wealth, and the Tories don’t care about the poor & dispossessed; and vote them out. QED [in theory] Cheers, Jon.

  2. The change started with Thatcher, Tebbit, and the rest of her loathsome gang. But unless Boris resigns, a vote of no confidence would probably fail, and leave us stuck with him for 12 more months. That would actually be better, as he will piss people off even more, and he would have to face the next general election as the man who lied about the restrictions. The danger with replacing him now is that we might get someone who can cover up their misdemeanours, instead of blustering and waffling. Then the Tories will win the next election, and stick us with an odious far-right system until I die.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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