Full of Minty Goodness

A while ago there was a joke doing the rounds on social media with ghost-like figures rampaging around with raised arms. The caption read: ‘There are no ghosts, only people who got lost in their duvet covers.’ I know how they feel as I’ve spent the last week getting lost in mine. But no longer! For the duvet is finished. I would love to upload a photo but I can’t figure out how to do that from my phone as I’m on the desktop so maybe later… in the meantime imagine a smooth silky expanse of crisp minty green spread over a wide area and facilitating deep and peaceful sleep and you’ll get the picture. It actually did seem to help us sleep for some reason – maybe the smoothness, maybe the freshness, I don’t know. Anyway despite all the hassles – and there were many hassles, what with finding thread that wasn’t fit for purpose, running out of bobbin thread two inches from the end of a seam and filling the bobbin only to run out of top thread necessitating a trip to the shops, not to mention the difficulties of wrestling with massive pieces of fabric – despite all these hassles it really was worth it, not only to have a cover I actually like but also the satisfaction of having made it myself. And here it is:

What next awaits me in the soft furnishings department, I wonder? Reupholstering an armchair? Who knows? Watch this space I guess.

Kirk out