Last night was great

I promised you some highlights, and here they are. We begin with one of the high spots for me of the last decade-and-a-half, which is my time on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. The plinth had been empty for decades and there was a project led by Anthony Gormley to use it as a space for public art. People would enter a lottery to win a one-hour slot during which you could do anything you liked (provided it was legal and decent) and take with you anything you could carry. I entered, not remotely expecting to win, and to my delight I was awarded a slot in the middle of the day. I’d been going to do yoga for an hour but had been ill so in the end I decided to do some poems for peace. At this point the local CND group got involved and offered a minibus and some banners; it was a great day.

Sarada Gray

20090805 CND Mark & banner 093

Left to right: Kate Hudson from National CND, old man who looks like Michael Foot, Mark, Jan – (in red holding the banner) and – erm, some others from Leicester CND plus onlookers.

Back home, we celebrated.  Present were the three of us plus Peter, Stephen, Jan, Yvan and Claire.  Also, back from Lifebeat – Holly!  She brought with her a number of necklaces and bracelets that she’d made.  I made pizza and salad and hoped that others would bring snacks.  In fact everyone brought wine so we ended up with 2 bottles of rose, one of white, plus 2 wine boxes (one of which Steve had mauled in an attempt to wrestle it open) and half a bottle of red.

A good had was time by all, the pizza went down well and the plinth video generated a lot of interest.  We watched another one of a woman in…

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