It’s Good to Have Followers

Before I disappear altogether from the blogosphere I want to mention some of my followers. These people are the life blood of a blog, people who not only follow but also take the time to read, like and comment, so I’m going to mention specifically those who have consistently liked and commented on my posts.

There’s Beetleypete, a dedicated blogger whose blog features snippets from life in Norfolk as well as short story series and guest bloggers; Taskerdunham who posts about memories of Yorkshire life, Wilfredbooks, a publisher and book reviewer and Alex at mybookworld24, another book review site. There are many others who follow and comment from time to time and I have appreciated you all. Thanks for reading.

Kirk out

8 thoughts on “It’s Good to Have Followers

  1. I will be sorry to see notifications of your blog disappear from my inbox, but I have enjoyed reading your posts thus far, so thank you for your personal observations, and thank you for the mention above. It might be an inevitable concomitant of my age, but I am continually disappointed at the diminution of coherence & articulacy of expression amongst the general populace, so it is always enjoyable to read something intelligent and witty. If & when you do depart these shores, I wish you every success in your new endeavours. Cheers, Jon.

  2. Thank you Liz and thanks for reading and commenting on my posts. Of yours, the one I’ll always remember because it made me laugh is the one about the reading glasses with the batteries, and what you thought they made you look like.

  3. Your posts are always a joy to read, and your life experience interests me a great deal too. Losing bloggers like you is not only a loss to blogging in its purest form, but also a personal loss that will be deeply felt. I wish you well of course, and will be thinking about you on your bike, decorating rooms, or complaining about nonsense on television. I hope you come back one day, but if not, have a wonderful life.
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

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