A Likely Lass?

I’m one of the Likely Lads today. Why? Because I haven’t seen the last episode of Happy Valley. I was too tired last night to do it justice and seeing that it’s going to be the juiciest, most jaw-dropping final episode of any drama ever, I want to be fully awake to watch.

Remember that episode of The Likely Lads where they hadn’t seen the footie results?


They spent the whole day avoiding spoilers only for someone to tell them the moment they got in the door and prepared to watch Match of the Day (or whatever it was). In the same way, I have to spend the whole day without seeing any spoilers. So, no social media, no news and if I run into one of my friends I’m going to have to stick my fingers in my ears and go la la la if they start talking about it.

The day did not begin well. You’d think you were safe enough with Radio 4’s Thought for the Day but no: it opened with ‘Good morning. Last night’s final episode of Happy Valley…’ I screamed ‘No! No no no no!’ and we turned it off.


So, should any of you be tempted to post spoilers here, be warned: I shall not read comments until I’ve watched it. This is going to take some discipline, as I normally slice up periods of work with scrolling on social media and reading blog comments. But today I shall be mostly… avoiding the results.

Kirk out