Chatting about Chat

I realise the title sounds a bit Alan-Partridge but bear with me. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about ChatGPT but I didn’t know what it was. And now I do. I expect you’re way ahead of me here, but apparently ChatGPT (what does the GPT stand for, I wonder? I could look it up but I cba…) is fully abreast of this blog. Well, whaddayaknow? It gives a very nice and quite flattering precis, saying: ‘The blog contains a variety of posts on topics such as writing, poetry, books, personal reflections, and spirituality.’ (Note the Oxford comma there.) ‘The author seems to be a published author, and some of her posts contain links to her books or reviews of other books.’ It goes on to say that I feature creative writing and posts about mental health. It’s quite gratifying – or would be, if this were a real critic rather than a bot, but perhaps I should be flattered anyway. Maybe bots are harder to please? The only problem with this review is that ChatGPT is convinced that I’m Vivienne Tufnell. I’m pretty sure I’m not Vivienne Tuffnell – at least I wasn’t last time I looked – so what the hell? Who the hell is Vivienne Tuffnell? Perhaps I should adopt that as my pen name from now on…

An interesting typo that came up this morning was ‘wordcress’. I leave it to your imagination to figure that one out.

Kirk out

I don’t know where that coloured thing came from; it just happened. And now it’s gone, so you don’t know what I’m talking about.