Am I Itching? Am I Hell!

One of the useful things WordPress does is to tell you about anniversaries, and this morning a little anvil-shaped icon appeared in the corner of my screen.  At least, I think it was anvil-shaped, but as Mark has conclusively proved, I am rubbish at recognising icons.*  Anyway, it turned out to be an anniversary message so who knows – maybe it was meant to be a cake or a candle or a card or something.  I don’t know.  But it did shock me slightly to discover that it was seven years ago this very day that I started this blog.

Seven years!  Seven years is a significant period of time; in fact many people think our lives can be understood in periods of seven: infancy, childhood, adolescence/young adulthood, marriage and parenthood, settling down, finding your way/becoming responsible, middle age (around this time you tend to get a mid-life crisis) and so on.  As a rough guide it sort of works – which reminds me, I wonder if they’re still doing the ‘7-up’ series?  According to wikipedia they are: the last one came out in 2012.  Interesting.  I remember seeing it when I was teacher-training; since that was in 1980 I guess they would have been – hang on! – if they were seven in 1964 they’ll be the same age as me!!!  How come I never realised that?

Maybe I did realise it, and forgot.  I’m at that sort of age…

Anyway, back to the blog.  As I’ve told you before (you’re probably sick of hearing about it) Hanif Kureishi was the father of this blog, since it was he who suggested to me that I should start one.  I met him in Leicester library and instantly took his advice.  Initially I didn’t blog every day, but I soon got into the habit and now I blog around five times a week on average.

Over those seven years I’ve covered more topics than I can remember.  It started out being a blog about writing; but it soon occurred to me that as well as writing about writing I could practise my writing by writing about – well, anything that took my fancy.  So from home brewing to politics, from film reviews to gardening, from prose to poetry and from poetry to drama – and not forgetting the very pertinent category relating to my dear OH – I’ve covered quite a range.

And I’ve never regretted starting it.  Having a blog has enabled me to interact with other bloggers, to get comments on my stories and poems, and to get a residency on Mslexia’s very own blog!  Not too bad!

So a happy seven-year anniversary to all my readers and followers and a special thanks to those who’ve been with me since the beginning.  Why not drop me a line today?

Off now to see to the garden.

Kirk out

*I think it’s supposed to be a cup or chalice of some kind.  I’m still not sure

If it’s 5 am it must be Sunday

Won’t even bother describing the hour at which I woke this morning.  Dozed to an accompaniment of people discussing the issue of tai chi in church halls – Should it be Banned?  Personally I don’t know what the people banning it are afraid of.  I get the same thing about yoga sometimes, though fortunately less and less these days.

Holly had an unfortunate experience last night – went to the youth club at Trinity and – according to her – went in and stood there for 15 minutes and nobody spoke to her.  It may not have been quite 15 minutes – but someone definitely should have spoken to her.  So that was a shame.  The drama is going well though – she read us a bit of her script.*

Watched an interesting programme about – fuck! – people with Tourette’s.  I can’t imagine what it must have been like before the condition was known about and understood – life must have been impossible.  One poor boy ate his lunches alone because he couldn’t help spitting his food.  His parents also split up and he blames himself for that.

I found myself wondering after that – what happened to the “7-up” series?  If they’re still doing it, I must have missed at least a couple.

Apparently the last one was in 2006.  I can’t remember if I saw the 1999 one.  I think I saw one in the 90’s.  My memory is so bad at the moment, it’s playing havoc with my life.  The other night I had to look up directions to the Black Boy, a pub I’ve been to dozens of times – and last week I got lost going to the beer festival.  It’s frightening sometimes – it’s like bits dropping out of my brain.

Got depressed yesterday due to a critical comment from a student coinciding with a book review of mine being rejected.  Really, the only reason anyone writes is because you can’t not do it.  Not doing it is not an option.  Why else would you bother?  The hours are terrible, the conditions variable, the pay non-existent for the first few years and then who knows?

Why do I do it?

Because I can’t not do it.

Kirk out.

PS Went to see “Alice in Wonderland” with Daniel.  Visually stunning, great acting and casting with some real stalwarts in there (Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, and Johnny Depp excellent as the Mad Hatter – explained on the way home to Daniel the origin of the phrase “mad as a hatter” which led on to a discussion of hats and how people don’t wear them any more apart from woolly ones and baseball caps.)  I thought the film was brilliant, although like every film adaptation it mixes parts of “Wonderland” with “Through the Looking-Glass”.  I also thought the plot limped a little at times and lacked a real sense of climax.  But I forgave it.

Go and see this before the *******s at Disney pull it from the cinemas and start releasing it on DVD.  It really should be seen at the cinema.

* PPS Took this up with the youth leader at Trinity – he said they weren’t there so she must have wandered into another group by mistake, which does explain it somewhat.  Although they still could’ve spoken – couldn’t they?