Ugh ugh ugh

Much twirly here in blogland.  Don’t like drinking in the afternoon – I always fall asleep in the evening and then don’t sleep at night.  Beer festival OK, stuck to Dovedale Bitter once I found something I liked.  The mild wasn’t brilliant, but Noel found a chocolate and vanilla stout which was interesting, though I’m not sure I could drink a whole one.  Be a bit like eating a box of chocolates in one sitting.  And I find vanilla a bit much at times.  You can get Roibos tea with vanilla and it’s pleasant but cloying.

Andy was there, apologies from Bob, Steve and Julie.

Stopped off on the way to watch the bride arrive at the Gilbert/Burley-Jones wedding.  They seem happy, though scarily young.  Everyone from church seemed to be going, all togged up, and we felt like spectres at the feast in our baggy jeans as we watched from the side.

Then failed to catch up with the Gay Pride march, though I did hear it in the distance.

So, dear reader, it is now 5.10 am and I have given up on sleep.  I may have breakfast soon as I’m feeling hungry.  This will put my clock out for the whole day.

Thinking of Roger Hutchinson’s family today.  He died yesterday, after a long illness.  Will be going to the wake I think.

Kirk out