Wot No Chads?

I’ve been doing some thinking of late. I haven’t been blogging much and I’m wondering if it’s time to lay the blog down, as we say in Quaker circles. Has it served its purpose? What was that purpose? Am I losing my passion for writing it? Have I written all I can on the various subjects that this blog covers?

I’m not looking for a chorus of ‘oh, please don’t go!’ (though if you feel like it, don’t hold back). I just don’t want to fade away as so many blogs do. Anyway, I was reminded last night of something that really has faded away, ie the once ubiquitous chad. If you don’t know what a chad is, here’s an example.


And of course (wouldn’t you know it?) the word has utterly changed its meaning and now refers to an alpha male. Language is very confusing.

Kirk out