I Am Squeaking To You Today…

I am speaking to you today from what I am pleased to call my study, with a brand-new, left-handed, all-bells-and-whistles, wireless mouse.  This has the added satisfaction of being freecycled and so emits tiny squeaks of environmental righteousness at suitable intervals, which is most gratifying.

Day one of Project Fast went reasonably well: I experienced a pit of hunger around 9.30 but stuck it out and drank some water instead.  The hunger abated and by 10.30 I didn’t feel particularly ravenous, though I ate anyway.  So far so good; today I’m going for 10.00 as I’m a bit knackered, but will aim to ramp up to 11 next week.

The new mouse is properly left-handed, which means the buttons are reversed.  This takes a bit of getting used to, though not too much as we had a similarly-reversed mouse a while back; but it set me thinking about skills we learn and how these come back to you even after a period of years.  For example, when I got my piano keyboard, even though I hadn’t touched a piano for years my fingers instantly remembered the pieces I used to play.  This is totally awesome when you think about it and I can’t help wondering about how this connects with evolution.  Will we have more flexible thumbs in the future because of using mobile phones?  I know young people have much more movement in their digits, thumbing the length and breadth of a keyboard with amazing dexterity, but I struggle to use a phone in one hand (there is often an issue with size, these things being designed by and for men, but mine’s quite a small model, so it isn’t that.)

In the meantime, I’m trying very hard to think about Brexit.  It’s hard to imagine a greater disaster in post-war Britain and we have cautiously stocked up on a few non-perishable items just in case.

Kirk out

Onward and Upward?

Here’s an insight into the mad, mad world of Mark.  He was on Facebook where someone had said that the direction of evolution is forward.  ‘I mean, what the hell?’ he said.

I looked at him, puzzled.  ‘Mark, that’s a perfectly normal idea!’ I said.  ‘Most people think we are more advanced than the apes.  And so do I.’

‘But we can’t climb trees!’ he objected.

‘No.  I’m not saying some things aren’t lost in the process.  But most people would think that the general tendency of evolution is forward – or upward, or onward – or whatever.’

‘Really?’ he said.  ‘But what about creodonts?’

Some days I don’t know what planet that man is on.  And no, I don’t know what a creodont is either – and I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of asking.

OK.  I will acknowledge that the idea of evolution being ‘ever upwards and onwards’ might be rather simplistic, and that some good species and good ‘ideas’ might have been lost along the way: I also see that the idea of progress can be handily linked to a belief in unfettered capitalism – though I suggest that link is more tenuous.*  But why should it seem strange to Mark that most people think this way?

That man is weird.

And speaking of weird, here’s a really good Horizon programme looking into climate change and its effects world-wide: it’s called ‘Global Weirding.


Bong!  In other news, I’ve started a group on Facebook for post- and peri-menopausal women to share their experiences.  Long-time readers of this blog may remember I went a little strange when it hit me – but my experience would have been a whole lot easier if I’d known how common it was to suffer memory loss and psychosis.  Hence the group: it’s called Crazy Crones.  If you want to join, just send me a friend request on Facebook.

And finally – are we Becoming a More Cruel Society?

I am getting some thoughts together on this theme for the next Drink and Think.  If you have any ideas please comment below.  Are we becoming a more cruel society?  What do you think?

Oops.  The post’s just come and with it probably the letter from the bank I was dreading.

Nope.  We live to fight another day…

Kirk out

* or ‘missing’, LOL