Tempus Fugit

Time, as many clever people have spotted, doesn’t actually exist. And yet we have to live as if it does. Try ignoring time and you get into all sorts of trouble – like for example today, when I looked at this site and realised it was almost 2 weeks since I’d posted. Gulp! So here goes.

I guess the most exciting thing that’s happened in that time is the addition of an exercise bike to our household. I’ve been having a lot of trouble motivating myself to get out cycling, what with the weather and all, so when I saw this on freegle I thought it would be the ideal solution. I requested it and waited: no response. I asked again and got nothing. Assuming it must have gone I gave up, but a few days later I checked and it was still there. I worded a very polite request saying how much I’d love to have it and a couple of days later I got a reply. All the messages had gone into the spam folder apparently – that’s happened to me too – and if I was still interested it was mine. Brilliant.

As it was free I wasn’t expecting anything fancy but look at this! It looks almost new. It’s very sturdy and it has a digital readout of distance, time and heart rate. I’ve been doing 5k every day this week. It’s not much but it’s 5k more than I was doing before.

Kirk out