I’m Struggling Here

Well, it’s day three of the Lenten ‘no bad news’ challenge, and I’m finding it a bit of a struggle.  I keep feeling the urge to go on Facebook or put radio 4 on: whilst there are some fun programmes on 4 extra they do tend to crop up again and again.  I’d heard today’s episode of Steptoe and Son twice already and then they repeated it this evening as well – just in case we hadn’t heard it the first two times.  Which I had.

On the other hand, my mood is an awful lot brighter for cutting out all the gloom; I no longer find myself despairing about the future of the world, worrying about my own future, feeling angry, frustrated and depressed by turns, all about situations I can’t change.  So that is good.

So, to report the kind of news I am allowed to listen to, I note the return of H2G2 from next week. If you don’t know what H2G2 is, then you must be a Vogon who doesn’t know where his towel is, that’s all I have to say.

Kirk out

PS And don’t forget – if you want to comment you have to do it on here, not on Facebook!  This means you, Katherine Gilchrist!



Woke up at 3.30 am and composed a letter in my mind to the Offending Relative.  Also composed a brilliant blog posting which has now gone – except that it was to be entitled Can You SWIM?  This was about a button Mark thought all computers should have, called DWIM – standing for Do What I Mean.  This would be a real boon for ordinary humans like me who can’t find the right command because computers DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!  Anyway, people should have a SWIM button so they can See What I Mean.  This is very similar to Douglas Adams’ POV (Point of View) gun in the film of H2G2.

“Oh, that thing,” says Mark.

I must leave you as I need to pee.

PS have written to the offending relative and told them that they’ve upset me.  Feel better now.

Much better today

The ground has stopped moving up and down and the air will let me through.  Translation – things are almost back to normal, whatever that means.  Anything else is therefore your own problem*.

Today: Mark is not going to London CND meeting due to difficulties in paying for ticket.  Daniel has a friend coming over, Holly is going to a music and dance workshop, and I will visit Peter and have a cup of tea.

According to Mark, St Francis was one of the greatest ballerinas of all time.

Easter Egg problem: what do you buy when you won’t buy Nestle and you will no longer buy Cadbury’s because of Kraft and even Green and Black’s are owned by Cadbury’s nowadays?



Suggestions please.

Looking forward to the day.

Kirk out

*H2G2 reference, in case you didn’t know.

“H2G2”?  Tut, tut – you haven’t been paying attention.