A Landmark Moment

This is a landmark moment – because for the first time on this blog, I am publishing some readers’ poems!  And to start with, we have two from Elaine:

Indigo dark drop
Hits the flood
A river
Tidal forming
I am coloured
By You

Detached from concrete
Spangles fly
Pinprick my halo
With a needlepoint of colour

I really like these: they pinpoint a moment of perception.  I especially like the idea of a person being coloured by someone else like a drop of indigo in water.

And continuing the ‘moment of perception’ theme, here’s a haiku from Mark about the ‘two faces/vase’ illusion:

Two faces talking

a moment of confusion

a vase between them

Sums it up perfectly, I think.

Please let me have more, people!  Mondays are YOUR space now!

Kirk out


Ouf! as the French say

A terrible poem I wrote years and years ago:

The beer bottle is brown

It fizzes when opened:

Pschitt! As the French say.

It was a Haiku.

If you don’t know, there used to be a fizzy drink sold in France and it was advertised with the word “Pschitt!” plastered all over the billboard (to indicate the sound it made when opened) – much to the amusement of all English-speaking visitors.  I guess they’ve got wise to it now.

What would the English equivalent be?  Suggestions please.

I’ve taken to working in the reference library.  It’s warmer and quieter – and they have more computers.  Downside: they are much stricter about not eating and drinking – but actually, that’s better – if I don’t drink, I don’t need to pee.

In fact, the reference library is altogether a severer place to work: busts of Shakespeare and Newton (as well as other luminaries, all male) preside sternly over you as you work.  They all look very serious, though I fancy Shakespeare has a smile playing around his mouth, though that could be just because I know him.

Very tired today.  Slept badly.  Going out with Ruth tonight, to Sardaar’s as usual (we are blessed with many veggie Indian restaurants in Leicester) – and tomorrow, to the Ale Wagon with Peter and then back to his for food.

TTFN – enjoy your weekend

PS  Actually, as haiku lovers will have spotted, the last line doesn’t have enough syllables.