Where Was I?

It’s been a while, people, though I have the partial excuse that I’ve been in Wales for a bit: more on that story later. What have I been up to? Well, decorating mostly. Mould features heavily in this scenario as do saucepans, peeling wallpaper and over-enthusiastic masking tape. But you don’t need all the gory details. I’m basically decorating this house an inch at a time as and when I have the time and energy. There ought to be some way of expressing this in an equation, something like e+t=d, possibly. Anyway, in the midst of all this I went off to Wales for a much-needed recharging of batteries. It was great, if cold: I’d only taken one warm jumper and in Hay I was so cold I had to buy a fleece from a charity shop. But Hay is a delight, loads of excellent bookshops (I bought a biography of Proust) caf├ęs (a delicious pot of tea and some butternut squash soup) and market stalls (a bottle of wild blackberry stout.)

On other days I went for a walk, had lunch with a friend and visited Jeeves and Bertie, the alpacas.

On the down side the car started misbehaving. First the speedo would drop to zero and then occasionally the engine would cut out. I drove back very gingerly avoiding motorways and the car is now in the garage.

On the up side again, my rash has almost cleared up and I have a lot more energy. So that’s all good.

Kirk out