She’s Finally Gone

Yes, she’s finally gone – the woman who seemed so welded to her position that nothing could dislodge her; not so much a Teflon leader as one bolted into position with the bolts rusted tight. She had survived crises which would have unseated any other PM, any other time: calling an election to increase her authority and losing her majority, having as a consequence to call on – ie bribe – the DUP for support, thus potentially destabilising the Good Friday Agreement; failing to get support for her Brexit bill; bringing the same bill back twice more and finally bringing back a slightly amended bill which so many of her own MP’s said they wouldn’t support that the vote had to be shelved – all in all she resembles nothing so much as a steamroller crashing through the countryside, deaf to cries that she is wrecking everything in her path. Even now she hasn’t quite gone, just set a date to go (admittedly not too far ahead) after which she will remain as ‘caretaker’ until they elect a new leader (not Boris, please not Boris…)

It beggars belief. I simply cannot understand what goes on in that woman’s mind and neither, it seems, can anyone else. Like Thatcher she got quite emotional at the end and I almost felt sorry for her, but you can’t help thinking, why the hell didn’t you listen to anyone?

So, what potential delights do the Bastard Party – sorry, Tories – have in store for us? Front runners are probably Johnson, Gove, Leadsom and Hunt with others such as Rudd and Javid bringing up the rear. It’s a crowded field all right and interesting though it would be to have a Muslim leader or another woman, I can’t see either Leadsom or Javid cutting it. In the end I think it’s going to be between Johnson, Gove and Hunt and I think of the three I’d marginally prefer Gove, despite him being this generation’s John Selwyn Gummer. Needless to say I’m not keen on any of them. It’s hard to see how they can avoid having a general election soon, and that could be between Johnson and Corbyn. Interesting times…

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend.

Kirk out