Here´s today´s popem

No, that´s not a typo. Today the Pope enlightened the world and gave comfort to millions by stating that homosexuality is “as great a threat to the planet” as the destruction of the rain forest. (sorry, can´t find a link at the moment but will post one when I do – this was quoted on the “Today” programme on BBC Radio 4)

Clearly he is not talking about planet earth.

Anyway, here’s today’s poem, a response to that.

Fifty not out

“he plays cricket for the other team

– if you know what I mean”

he said with a wink

as he put down my drink

I tried

to hide



The Pope

kills our hope

– keep running, keep moving

while the bowler waits

the fielder chases

and the Umpire gives his blessing

(two fingers across)

run up and down




don’t be caught