Paperback Raita

Last night I dreamed I went to the Feast of Faiths again.  It was a rather elaborate dream where I was in a series of rooms (or were they train compartments?) where tables were set out in different configurations and we moved around between them.  I left my bag on a seat and when I came back it was gone; after a while I found the bag but my wallet was gone.  Then I found the wallet but my bank card was gone.  I had to phone the bank to cancel it.

As I was walking down the corridor I passed Jeremy Corbyn and said hello; he said hello but in a very sombre and serious voice.

The origin of this dream is quite clear; last night I actually did go to the Feast of Faiths, an annual get-together and knees-up for people of all faiths and none organised by Loughborough Council of Faiths.  Last year we had a pantomime (I blogged about that here:

and this year the entertainment was flinging ping-pong balls around and trying to get them into paper cups.  There was some rearranging of tables for this, then we went into another room for the Feast and I left my jacket on the chair.  The food was delicious and so was the conversation; on my table were two Hindus, two Seventh-Day Adventists and a Pagan.  We talked about the light and the dark as it manifests itself in different religions.

(Jeremy Corbyn was not there: I think that part of the dream came from seeing him at the Cenotaph memorial.)

So as well as aloo muttar paneer (curry with potatoes, peas and goats’ cheese) I had samosas with spicy sauce, pilau rice and of course raita.

Paperback raita…

Kirk out