I Hear Thunder, Do You Hear Thunder?

Yesterday was quite dramatic weatherwise; it started warm with just a few wisps of cloud and by lunchtime it was hot (lunchtime being a mirage perhaps) but by four it began to dramatically cool off. Then a rumble of thunder like a thousand barrels being rolled into a thousand cellars (I miss beer, haven’t had any for weeks now) and another, and another, still a fairly clear sky but with clouds and rain in the distance, the way you can see rain as it approaches, those hazy blurred lines coming down from the sky like the angels on Jacob’s ladder, and then oh my god, the rain. It fell down, bouncing almost as high as an elephant’s eye, deafening the utility room with its plastic roofing and being altogether a half-hour wonder, what with the thunder keeping it up all this time with its crashing and banging. I used to tell people in Spain that an English summer was three fine days and then a thunderstorm.

‘And then three more fine days and another storm?’

‘Nope, that’s it.’

But now summer begins in April and then halts for a bit; goes backwards, sideways, does a double minaret* with pike and comes back again with a vengeance, setting in and staying around like a bad house-guest till around October. I have to admit I do like the hot weather, but it makes me sick at heart when October comes with not a hint of frost, only an unseasonable damp. It makes me think that we should all die out and give the planet a chance.

How was your weekend? Mine was good; I spent Saturday in the garden and did so little that I couldn’t sleep properly, so I made sure of doing more on Sunday. This included a Quaker meeting via Zoom, a fruitless shopping trip and – duh duh DUH!!! – cleaning the car. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t cleaned it since I got it about 3 1/2 years ago. It just didn’t look dirty enough…

Happy Monday, stay safe.

Kirk out

*or pirouette

Another Day, Another Acceptance…

I thought I’d better post something before you decide I’ve forgotten you all.  I’m still here – it’s just that settling in and writing the umpteenth draft of my novel have taken precedence.  the novel is turning out to be a tapestry or patchwork affair, where I insert bits here and there to build up a pattern.  Still, at least I have some inkling of what the overall pattern is, which is more than I did before.  So that is good.

We went to Tomatoes this morning and returned to the old house to find a most unwelcome letter informing me that I need to pay a penalty for driving in a bus lane.  Bloody annoying… the other post wasn’t too bad, though I am now entirely of Mark’s view that nothing good ever comes in the post.  Trouble is, not much comes via email either apart from promotions or updates on campaigns I joined years ago or petitions I signed last month or groups I am marginally interested in or other groups I am not quite uninterested enough in to unsubscribe… RANT ALERT

incidentally I can’t go on without commenting on the difference, so rarely observed nowadays, between ‘uninterested’ and ‘disinterested’.  Uninterested means ‘not interested.’  I am uninterested in golf.  Mark is uninterested in tennis.  Etc.  ‘Disinterested’, on the other hand, means ‘not having a stake in something’.  Such as a disinterested observer at a meeting or a disinterested view of politics.  So get it right!


However, today I did have an email saying a book review of mine has been accepted by Thresholds.  Thresholds is a site which specialises in the short story, and I have written the review about three times for them and FINALLY they have accepted it.  So that’s a relief.

As I write there is a rather tremendous thunderstorm over Leicester and it’s raining quite hard.  I’m glad it didn’t do this earlier as I cycled over to Tomatoes and back.  I am getting better at cycling; once I reach this stage of proficiency (incidentally I always wanted to do cycling proficiency as a kid but we couldn’t afford a bike.  Or else our mother thought the roads were too dangerous.  Anyway…) I usually think, ‘I must keep this up and get better and better.’  And invariably something happens to prevent me.  Usually a knockout bout of apathy…

But! since it’s too far to walk into town from here, and since buses are expensive, I will probably cycle more in future.  So long as it doesn’t thunder.

Incidentally, when I go over to the West End I pass a gym where I am treated to the surreal sight of a bank of people all cycling towards me and getting nowhere.  I feel vastly superior to these people as I pass by on my real bike, actually going somewhere…

We are doing a bunch of entertaining at the new house, having people over for lunch and dinner and all sorts.  On Wednesday we had eight of us round the table for dinner, and yesterday Mark’s mum came for lunch.  And tonight Mary and John will turn up bearing wine and will be served curry and stir-fry with rice and chappatis.

It’s great!

In other news, I am reading Joyce Carol Oates for the first time, and I have finished the Kathy Reichs I was reading for the second time.  Sadly I have failed to interest Daniel in her books for teenagers.  Daniel is UNINTERESTED in them.


Kirk out