Mind over matter – fourth plinth

(I can’t help thinking every time someone mentions the word “plinth” that there is a lisp involved and that it should be “plince” or something.  just as some people apparently hyper-correct the word “sliver” to “slither” and say at polite dinner-parties (do people still have these?) “Would you like a slither of lemon with that?”)

I hate dinner-parties.  You always get given mushroom pate.

So: the fourth plinth.  I didn’t get chosen this time but there are still three more draws to go and I have now timed my practice of Surya Namaskara (sun salutation) and there is no way I am going to be able to do 108 rounds in an hour.  More like 60, which is a bit of a bummer, especially as I will need to rest a little now and again and probably drink some water.  So I will have to give this some thought – the last thing I want to be doing is rushing it.  That ain’t yoga!

Watch this space!


Taking the piss

I have neglected to mention until now that I am actually famous for taking the piss! Seewww.youtube.com/watch?v=EMZaCOaLf9Y And why, you may ask?  Because it’s a good broadcast – and it’s me – on the telly! Except that you meant, why the hell would I drink my own pee!   Because it’s good for hay fever, sinusitis and skin problems. Plus, it’s a traditional yoga practice

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