One and Other and Me – the Fourth Plinth

I have been selected to go on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.  I will be strutting my stuff (or rather stretching my stuff) on Weds 5th August from 1 – 2 pm.  We are planning to have a minibus from Leicester.

the theme of the hour is “inner and outer peace”.  I will be doing one hour of Sun Salutations for the eve of Hiroshima day.  If you want to come down, post a comment with your email.  Or follow my training on the blog.

see also Leicester Mercury, Tuesday 7th July

4 thoughts on “One and Other and Me – the Fourth Plinth

  1. I remember that! I was picked as well for a lunchtime slot. I bottled it because I thought I’d get heckled. Apparently a ventriloquist with a purple monkey took my position. I have terrible vertigo dnd would have been rubbish.

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