New Readers Start Here…

Starting with the feet – I live in Leicester, the Midlands, UK

My roots are my family and friends.  They are:

Mark, an ageing hippy, aka “nineteenthly”, intellectual, geek, maker of constant cups of tea, holder of two degrees in philosophy, works as a herbalist.  Is very successful and, the world being as it is, earns almost no money at all.

Holly, born in 1994 and at college

Daniel, born in 1997.  He is a lion tamer

the above children are home educated and have never set foot in a school.

My sister is currently preparing to sail the Atlantic by sewing acres of sail on a hand-sewing machine


I teach the odd session of yoga but nowadays I write full-time.  I have recently published a story with a US magazine, Everyday Fiction:

I write and perform poems; also short stories, radio drama and novels.




5 thoughts on “New Readers Start Here…

  1. Love your blog, I will be trawling through the entries over the next few weeks. I’ve just finished a two-year creative writing course, and hope to make a career of sorts from writing.

    I like your style, keep going and I’ll leave some comments from time. If you like I will add you to my favourites on my site, All good wishes,

    1. My plans are to write about whatever occurs to me at the moment of writing. I have a wide variety of interests and I use the blog to write about my life, my family and friends, about politics and religion, about film and radio (we don’t have TV), about grand ideas and trivia. The blog has no definition – to define is to limit

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