Why Lizardyoga?

When I started this blog back in 2008 I had no idea what to call it.  Then a name emerged which has stuck more or less ever since.  Even though the banner (I think that’s what you call it) reads ‘Sarada Gray’ the URL is lizardyoga.wordpress.com, which takes some explaining.  The yoga part is quite straightforward: I spent much of my working life teaching yoga and training other yoga teachers and even though I don’t teach any more yoga is still an important part of my life.

The lizard part comes from a nickname.  I’ve never attracted many nicknames in my life: it may be a gender thing (men tend to have more nicknames than women) or it may be a personality thing; whatever the reason, ‘The Lizard’ was practically the only nickname I ever had, being a combination of my name and Lizard Point in Cornwall (where lived the friends who conferred on me this sobriquet.)

Somehow or another these two elements put themselves together and made lizardyoga, which has stuck with me.

As has the sign-off…

Kirk out

4 thoughts on “Why Lizardyoga?

  1. Hi Liz, Daniel here from aothorattic, i got your e-mail and posted a reply but i thought I would send one to you here also. You have a great sense of humor. my blog is sometimes edgy and outright rude but it’s all vigorous objection as opposed to blatant bitching, kind of. Anyway it’s also featured on several of trucking top siites some of which have millions of hits a month and I hope to build a large following on my web radio station too but i really want to switch the format to writer discussion. I need to start a blogsite for my domain – The Writers Road – so I can have a home page to put the station player links. It’s a full blown radio station, all “live’ no podcast b.s.
    Anyway I hope to hear from you. Daniel

  2. so the tide took your clothes , money shoes etc. HA HA LOL. Pretty funny story .
    so where is Cornwall and the beach you talked about. look forward to your reply.
    Take care, Vicky

    1. It was near Penryn, in the Falmouth area. I think it was Porthleven Beach – it was a long time ago!

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