Iraq Inquiry? Just Chil…

Wow!  Someone is reading the Chilcot report in toto at the Edinburgh Festival?  Sounds improbable but it just goes to show how people are taking information into their own hands.  Noticed how the mainstream media have gone quiet on Chilcot?  They’re too busy focussing on Trump and Corbyn/Owen Smith tussle.  A propos of which, I watched a video of a debate yesterday between the two contenders.  Owen Smith seemed to me highly implausible (and I did try to put aside my prejudices and listen, I really did) but Jeremy only had to open his mouth and say one sentence before you knew he was for real.  The -crowd were on their feet at the end – oh, all except for a little phalanx of people who had clapped in unison when Smith spoke and who stayed sitting when Corbyn had finished.  A bit obvious, dontcha think?  You’d think they’d have the wit to spread themselves out a bit, instead of all sitting together, wouldn’t you?

It used to be that you never knew what you could trust on social media.  Photos could be photoshopped, videos could be doctored.  But more and more people (especially on the left) are coming to distrust the main-stream media (MSM) and doing it themselves: and although I don’t believe everything I see I do believe these videos of Corbyn’s rallies showing thousands queueing to get in; I believe the live streamings of debates, and by and large I believe the quotes.  I believe it because it’s all of a piece with what the man stands for – or perhaps what he doesn’t stand for.  He doesn’t have an image consultant; he doesn’t hire spin-doctors – he doesn’t need to.  All he needs to do is stand on a platform – or sometimes outside, addressing the crowds who couldn’t get in – and say what he’s thinking.  And that’s enough.  Because he speaks for us.  Time after time I read people’s reactions and my heart leaps because it’s stuff I’ve been thinking and feeling for so long now that I almost thought I was the only one.  I thought it was just me and a few friends.  But as more people join the party than ever before, as more funds are raised and as Corbyn gathers momentum (no pun intended) and transforms from a leader with ideas to a prospective Prime Minister with policies, I realise it’s not just me.  It’s not just me and a few friends.  We are legion.  And we will win.

Kirk out

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