You know that moment when you are just about to turn your computer off and it tells you it needs updating so you spend the next half hour watching a progress bar that isn’t really a progress bar because it doesn’t actually tell you how far you’re progressing but sits there not moving and then rushes to the end? Well this post is like that in no way at all except that it concerns progress. My progress.

First, the lurgy. I went to the doctor about the rash and was prescribed a cream which seems to be doing the trick, though it hasn’t entirely cleared up. In between bouts of fatigue I’ve been decorating. I gave up on the wrong shade of mustard and went to B and Q clutching a small piece of wall to see if they could match it. They could! It was quite exciting; first the computer did a lot of thinking, then it did some beeping and finally it spat out a label. Then the woman opened a tin of white paint and held it under a sort if rainbow tap which dribbled in the right amount of colour. Then came the really exciting part: the jiggling. The pot was sealed and placed inside the jiggler and off it went, jiggling at 650 jumps per minute until the paint was well and truly mixed. I took it home and bingo! it matched.

This week I have been decorating Peter’s flat, a job which will continue for the next week or two.

And I’ve been reading. But more of that anon.

Kirk out

5 thoughts on “Updating….

  1. Thankfully, I don’t share your update problem, but Macs can have their own vicissitudes: updating has always gone well, as I recall, but as my own MacBook [I have the use of a much newer one, for which I am grateful] is now about as old as I am in computer years, things don’t work as smoothly as I would like; I’m loathe to junk it, but it is less useful to me than it was previously.

    I’m curious to know what an “oot” is: is that a neologism of your own coining? 😀 Cheers, Jon.

    PS: glad the lurgy is improving.

  2. Updates on my PC don’t seem to take very long at all these days. Perhaps the fibre-optic broadband and SSD drive helps? I wouldn’t really know, as computers remain a complete mystery to me.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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