It’s Enough to Make You Switch to Blogger

I’m really not happy with WordPress at the moment. I just this minute wrote a couple of paragraphs on gardening and clicked on something (I don’t know what) which took me off the page. When I came back it’d lost the entire post. It used to have a little bar up the top to continue editing but that seems to have gone – in fact all in all I’m having so many problems I’m thinking of switching to something else. Like Blogger, for instance. Those of you who use Blogger, how do you find it? Is it easy to use? Would it be suitable for a blog like mine? And if I switched, how would I redirect users? I don’t want my readers and followers to lose me.

Anyway, where was I? That’s right, I was in the garden, taking a jaundiced view of things. And why? Because the soil is clearly lacking in nitrogen, causing some plants – particularly basil and chilli peppers – to become yellow. So off I popped to the garden centre (well, Wilko’s anyway) and bought some plant food high in nitrogen and showered the plants with the good stuff. It was interesting to watch the basil change, the green filtering through the central vein and then the peripheral veins and finally to the outer lobes. I think we’re getting there anyway, things are looking healthier. Wish I could say the same for WordPress – they seem determined to push me into paying for a site but I’m digging my heels in.

But my favourite thing in the garden right now is a single California poppy, a splash of orange in a sea of green (and yellow.)

Kirk out

8 thoughts on “It’s Enough to Make You Switch to Blogger

  1. Obviously if you change there will be a learning curve, but it’s probably less moving in that direction than the other.

    As you know, I’m on Blogger with a feed from WordPress which I started with a view to moving over entirely, but never did, and now probably won’t. In the past it seems quite a lot of people have moved from Blogger to WordPress.

    I perceived WordPress as having more advanced features – the place for proper bloggers – and Blogger as being rather simple and limited. But as I’m not bothered about slick presentation I’m happy on Blogger. I now also find I’m following more Blogger blogs than WordPress as it has a nice community of interesting writers.

    I’ll stick with the WordPress feed because having both makes it easier to participate in both communities with comments and follows, etc., although it splits them across both and I have to remember to append each post to Blogger with a link from WordPress, but it’s manageable because I only post a few times each month.

    Actually, a good person to ask is beetleypete who is a very experienced and much followed blogger on WordPress. In fact, I wouldn’d be surprised if there is already a post on this topic in his archives.

    1. I too “perceived WordPress as having more advanced features – the place for proper bloggers [as you say] – and Blogger as being rather simple and limited.” I do find it difficult to involve myself in both communities, and I feel like I’m missing out there. I do find your method of using the other (WordPress in your case) useful to me, to keep up to date. The point about finding Blogger to have such “a nice community of interesting writers” makes me consider employing Blogger in the way you have employed WordPress. It’s a shame both platforms haven’t got together to streamline such an approach, similar to being able to publish a post on WordPress and my Twitter feed promoting it.

      A couple of times the auto Draft feature has let me down also, making me a bit more careful about leaving the page. Quite often I used to type my posts into ‘Word’ first before then copy&pasting them into my blog – a great way to ensure I have a backup, because who knows if/when these services might cease or go wrong – more often now I only do this for posts that become lengthy, allowing me to more easily divide such a topic into multiple posts, for example.

  2. A further thought – have you tried writing posts in Word and then copying and pasting into WordPress? I write most of my stuff offline like that (even though there are certain problems in pasting from Word to Blogger).

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