Goodbye in Slo-mo

It occurs to me that after all we’ve been through last night’s goodbye was a bit on the perfunctory side. After all, we’ve been together for 14 years, or some of us have, so we deserve a better send-off. In due course I shall be reminiscing about some of my favourite posts as well as touching on some low points: I shall give a mention to some of my most loyal followers and highlight some of the best comments. There may also be photos…

I’ve enjoyed my blogging journey despite the frustrations of working with WordPress. I’ve enjoyed the interactions with readers and the connections with other blogs. I’ve relished the challenge of finding something to write about nearly every day. I’ve posted some stories and poems and for the first couple of years this blog was the only outlet for my work.

And I’ve learned loads: how to structure a good post, how to write interestingly (I hope) on a variety of topics, how to deal with trolls and spammers and of course how to navigate some of the many obstacles WordPress throws in our path. But when the best ideas you can come up with are repeats of something you’ve already done, it’s time to move on, even though I may not have anything to move on to. I shall miss you all and I hope you’ll miss me but as the song says, it’s better to burn out than to fade away. There will be no jumping of sharks on this blog.

Please keep sending in your comments as I value them all. And as the travellers say, I’ll see you down the road…

Go well, friends

Kirk out

6 thoughts on “Goodbye in Slo-mo

  1. Yours was one of the first blogs I followed and you one of my first readers. I know what you mean about waning enthusiasm; mine comes and goes too but I keep going for now. But, onwards and upwards, and bon voyage in whatever the future brings.

  2. I will miss you if you do go. Had it not been for my book, I would probably never have started blogging, but I seem to have so many things I want to do, that I am finding it hard to fit it in; also, at the moment, I am having to contend with a mlfnctioning kybor thanks to a clumsy [and probably inevitable] recent coffee spillage, so writing anything is taking twice as long. Ho hum: vicissitudes, vicissitudes 😉 Cheers, Jon

      1. Arf! I keep a text document open so I can copy & paste any characters I need, but it’s still a pain: I will find the time to clean the keys soon……

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