Falling Towards Land

During the past year I’ve had the feeling of doom continually threatening but not actually striking.  Looking back over the last twelve months, we’ve been threatened with having to move out shortly after moving in; we’ve had Daniel on the verge of liver failure and we’ve had the perpetual threat of financial meltdown.  I kept thinking we couldn’t possibly survive another month – and then we did.  On the other hand, an awful lot of good stuff happened in 2014; Holly started at Uni, I have been the support act at Word! and run some poetry workshops including the effervescent ‘Spring!’ at Embrace Arts; I’ve started going to the Quakers where I feel very comfortable, I’ve attended the launch of Left Unity both nationally and locally as well as the launch of the People’s Arts Collective; and of course we had our housewarming.

There were various other jolly social events, such as the Martyrs Barn Dance, cinema trips and dinners with Steve, Drink and Think, the Joe Orton celebration and trips to the pub with Peter and Andy.  I also did gigs at Sing for Water, World Book Night, Everybody’s Reading Week and Embrace Arts.  Some of these were even paid events!  Publication-wise I got another story into Everyday fiction and was accepted as a blogger for Mslexia.  Oh!  And Sound Cafe began.

Yet still the sense of impending doom refuses to lift.  But then I look at it this way: if you keep falling but you miss the ground every time – that’s called flying.

Here are some of the highlights of my year:










Happy New Year!

Kirk out

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