Dr Rebus Wishes You All Happy New Year

I hope you all had a good night last night and saw the new year in if that was your plan… sadly I have to report that around eleven I caved in and headed for my pit.  Not that anything exciting was happening – in fact I’ve rarely been so underwhelmed by a new year as I have by this one.  Which is not to say that I’m indifferent – just that I didn’t feel like celebrating.

I’ve been reading a book Mark got for Xmas, which I think I mentioned the other day.  It’s based on Neil Perryman’s blog  where he sets out to watch every episode of Dr Who and is joined by his wife.  Here’s the blog:


It set me thinking about my own possible book based on this blog – a blovel, if you will, or possibly a nog.  Or, since it would be mainly biographical, a bio-blog.  Or blography.  It also brought back memories of early Dr Who episodes.  Patrick Troughton was my first doctor and Tom Baker was (and is) my favourite, though David Tennant comes a close second.  I also like the current incarnation’s return to a sort of severity, though last week’s episode came too close to romance for my liking.  The Doctor doesn’t do romance.

I’ve also been watching something I bought with my Xmas HMV token (thanks Holly) namely a box-set of the Rebus series.  I had yet to see a single one of these and I was clear that I wanted the Ken Stott version, not the John Hannah ones.  And so far I have not been disappointed: Stott is very much my idea of Rebus, albeit softened a little.  However they have tampered with the stories a bit.  But very enjoyable.

Happy new year to all and may you find all you seek in 2016.  (Hint: it’s behind the sofa.)

Kirk out

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