You Don’t Need Jesus When You’ve Got an Airer

If that line doesn’t resonate with you then you’ve never seen or read Oranges are not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterton. This story of a young girl adopted by benign but fanatical Christians and coming out as gay was a seminal work when it came out. It’s also very funny. One of our favourite lines is the mother saying, when asked why they don’t have an airing cupboard, ‘You don’t need an airing cupboard when you’ve got Jesus.’

This is going to make me sound desperately sad but it’s been my dream ever since we moved here to have a proper clothes airer in the utility room. I mean one that raises and lowers, instead of having a gaggle of clothes horses standing about the place that would be better stabled elsewhere or, let’s be honest, just bunging everything in the tumble dryer. I found one online, a lot cheaper than I expected, and yesterday we put it up. Well, Daniel put it up and I held the ladder. Deep joy. It now holds a load of washing which is gently drying without using extra electricity.


Kirk out

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Need Jesus When You’ve Got an Airer

  1. That begs the question: you don’t have a garden? I don’t: just a small yard at the front [which is actually at the back, topographically speaking, but it’s my only access], but I used my long-dormant design skills to rig up a support tube attached to the yard wall, into which a rotary line can fit when needed, so it gets maximum sun, although that’s only until lunchtime this time of year. I just have to put my faith in the weather app when I pick my days to wash! 😀 Cheers, Jon.

    1. Yes we do have a garden and on fine days I will peg out. But it’s far too easy if the weather’s dodgy just to switch the knob to dry

  2. What a wonderful TV adaptation that was! One of my favourite dramas, acted to perfection by a superb cast. We have an airer almost permanently set up in a small hallway, and rarely trust the weather to hang washing on the rotary drier in the garden. Thicker things that take longer to dry are put into the tumble-drier.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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