Wop-wop Mexican Love-Key

That was today’s misheard lyric: unfortunately I can’t remember what the actual words were.  Still, it gave Mark a laugh…

Yesterday was a highly productive day: Tomatoes followed by a trip into town where Mark was to meet some youtubers.  A small knot of young people were standing in a corner of Town Hall Square and my heart sank as I thought ‘I’m not going to find anything to say to these people’.  And so it was; but Mark wanted me to go because he felt like a sad old git being on his own amongst all these younglings.  I stayed for a while but it was cold so I skived off to Marks & Spencer’s (or ‘Oo, Mark’s and Spencer’s!’ as we call it, after Alexei Sayle – I can’t find the clip but it was very funny) and thence to Wilkinson’s where I bought a saucepan.  Our old green saucepan has arthritis on one side and doesn’t so much sit on the ring as perch on it; so I purchased a new, flat-bottomed one which was on special offer!  Result!  And then back home to bottle my wine (rather thin and sour as yet, but I’m sure it will improve on leaving.  The only question is, can I leave it?) and after that I fixed Daniel’s bike with his help.  I was being very strict with him about the need to learn these jobs so he can do it himself next time – and lo! he got stuck in and before we were finished he’d taken it over and was telling me how it was done.  Very annoying but that’s basically the price you pay for Daniel learning a job – that he has to tell you how to do it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand! – just as I was about to cook a curry, Mark phoned from his youtube gathering and said would it be OK if he got a take-away from Saardaar’s?  OK??? OK?????  ‘That’s very OK,’ I said.

And it was.  Washed down with a glass of home brew (the demijohn made five bottles with a bit left over so I had no choice) and then some Blossom Hill red, and then we began watching Dr Who as soon as it appeared on iplayer.  Sadly, having been awake since five, I went to bed half-way through, so I have yet to find out what John Hurt was doing on there.

Don’t tell me!

I shall watch it later.

Kirk out

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