Going to Blackburn

I’ve never been a fan of Tony Blackburn: the relentless smiling got on my nerves and the anodyne humour made me groan.  But he always seemed like a good bloke.  When I heard about Jimmy Savile it shocked me to the core but didn’t surprise me; I didn’t find it too startling that ‘cuddly’ Dave Lee Travis might have taken his cuddles too far.  Even Stuart Hall’s style kinda fitted with possible abuses.  But Blackburn?  Surely not.  It didn’t seem to add up.  And I have to say, having heard the guy speak on Radio 4 I am even less convinced by the evidence against him which seems to amount to hearsay and a complaint once made and previously abandoned.

Questioned in depth about these things, he expressed sorrow for the suicide of the girl involved and maintained his innocence without once attempting to blacken the names of any who had accused him.  His protesting never seemed too much and so I have to say I’m convinced – or as convinced as anyone can be who wasn’t there and doesn’t know him – that he is innocent.  It seems the BBC have gone from believing no-one to believing everyone; from covering up or ignoring horrific abuses to hauling everyone accused before an inquiry and seeming to presume that they are guilty.  In other words, they have gone from a presumption of innocence to a presumption of guilt, and neither of these is the way to go.  And like so many of these affairs, they’re doing it for all the wrong reasons; because they want to be seen to do something.  Of course, if you’re going to err on one side rather than the other then there’s no contest; if you weigh a DJ’s career and reputation against the life of a young girl then it’s clear which is worth more.  But why err at all?  Is it not possible to examine these things impartially?  Or at least to try?

I feel for Tony Blackburn – I really do.  But listen for yourself: it’s close to the beginning.

Kirk out


2 thoughts on “Going to Blackburn

  1. He was always cheesy, which is why he couldn’t have done the sleaze. I recall his wife dumping him for a bad actor, taking his daughter and forcing him to pay for a nanny so that both his ex and her new man could go out to work and make money! He went on about that too much on his radio show and they sacked him. They sacked Kenny Everitt for joking about the transport minister when the ministers wife passed her driving test. The beeb have always been arse licking over reactors. I still think Rolf is innocent. He can only have been convicted on hereasay as there can’t be any actual evidence after all those years. DLT was proved innocent so they went after him again! Not content it costhim his house to pay for his legal fees. His life has now been ruined too ( although I do recall him squeezing a breast on top of the pops which I was aghast at but nobody else seemed to notice, so maybe I dreamt that).

  2. It’s impossible to know the truth and we want to believe it didn’t happen. Also, the three of us here know, because we lived through those times, that certain behaviour was widely accepted back then which would horrify people nowadays, another example being overt racism on prime-time television. It’s equally feasible to suppose that she made a claim which was false but she honestly believed was true, or possibly made it up because she wanted attention and something else bad had happened to her, and that her later killing herself was another example of her mental health problems. Or, bearing in mind that we know nothing, maybe it is all true. I also think Tony Blackburn’s agent or the BBC were involved in keeping it from him at the time because they didn’t take it seriously and that he is probably being completely honest when he says he was never interviewed about it. Finally, this evidence is coming from the News Of The World, and we all know what happened to that.

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